Get that Body back!

Many of us have been in and out of diets, fluctuations in weight but still manage to come back to the gym and work out again. The secret is in the doing.

Motivation can come in different forms. Your goal can be wearing that dress you saw while window shopping or you just want to really look and feel good. Whatever motivates you, just do it.

When you have to take a break, rest. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again and find another motivation to get back on track. That said, here’s some tips to get out of the workout and health rut.

  1. Understand your lifestyle. 

Many of us have failed because we don’t take in consideration our current lifestyle. Humans are creatures of habit. To make a habit stick, you need to understand your own lifestyle. If you’re working from 9-5 schedule an early morning workout or a late night workout. If you’re not a morning person, schedule your workouts in the evenings. If you’re work starts a bit later than usual like me, I usually schedule my workouts as soon as I wake up. Set a time that you find convenient and set it as one of your priorities.

Aug 25 2013 Apple Gym
Working out at the Apple Gym, August 25, 2013

2. The first few days will be tough, keep pushing!

Forming a new habit takes time.  There was a study by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London.  According to the study, it will take about 18 to 254 days to get used to a new habit.  In my experience, the best way to get into a new routine successfully is to do it for 30 days continuously, usually it gets easier after a month.

Feb 22 2013 Wall Climbing
Wall Climbing, February 22, 2013 Onsight Climbing, Singapore

3. Set healthy boundaries. 

Set healthy boundaries for yourself. You can’t run 20km in your first day of run, instead try a shorter run like 2 km for your first run and then increase your runs as you reach your goal. When it comes to eating, set a diet that you think is achievable and then have cheat days. We are more likely to stick to a habit when clear and healthy boundaries are established.

Aug 14 2013 meal prep
Meal prep before going to work. August 14, 2013

4. Iterate the Habit.

If your first plan is not working, try to create a new plan and see how it works with your daily routine. As you discover your daily habits, you can set “cues” and connect it with the habit you want to form. For example, you want to stop drinking coffee in the afternoon, instead of completely eradicating the habit of drinking a beverage in the afternoons, change it to drinking tea instead or any other beverage you think is healthier. Another example is when a morning workout is not working out, try a later schedule. Iterate and meet your goals.

Nov 17 2013 Biking alone in Pulau Ubin
Biking in Pulau Ubin, November 17, 2013

5. Try different workouts.

There are some people who loves variety. I am one of those people. Some days I run, on other days I do strength workouts at the gym, and when I need to improve my posture and flexibility, I practice yoga. Variety gets you out of the rut and  will keep you going.

June 9 2014 Running at MacRitchie
Weekly run in MacRitchie. June 9, 2014


During my first few months of being on my own. I tried my best in staying in shape. Not only did it help me become healthy, it also made me think clearly and become more motivated in getting my life back on track.

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